Seek First: Prayer Guide Jan. 21-28, 2018

7 Days of Prayer & Fasting

2018 Congregational Prayer & Fasting Guide
As we begin 2018, we want to start off with a Godly resolve to seek Him and surrender our own agendas. This way our hearts are ready to receive His vision for us personally and corporately. During these seven days of corporate prayer, we are asking for your collaboration and commitment to seek the face of God at a level that you never have in the past. We expect that our Father will see our humility and give many of the answers we have been waiting for.

Please join us in preparing the ground for this year by fasting, praying daily, joining us for the services and by planning to be there for the all night event. This will bring us closer to Him and enable us to hear His voice regarding His plans for 2018. Aligning our priorities with God’s is the best thing that we can do!

Together building His kingdom, Pastors Joshua & Sarah Alvarez
Choose the type of fast that is best for you. Remember, the fast should be a sacrifice and a challenge. Our hope is that everyone would participate. If you have any health problems, please consult with your doctor before beginning any fast. • Total Fast – Water • Semi-Total Fast – No solid food, drink juice, smoothies or a vitamin drink each day. • Partial Fast – Eat one meal a day, no tea or coffee. • Daniel Fast – Eat only foods that have been grown from the ground (no animal products, no sugar or coffee)

In addition to fasting from food, we recommend you consider fasting from the things that take your time away from prayer and seeking God, such as electronic entertainment, internet, TV, movies, social media, games etc. This time should be replaced with daily Bible reading, prayer, journaling and seeking God in worship. Each day during your fast, we encourage you to keep a daily journal and write down any revelations that God gives you.


There will be a special focus on prayer during the seven days of fasting. This is a great opportunity to increase your prayer time at home and corporately. Please join us as we come together in one heart during services and prayer meetings. There will be prayer meetings during the week so be sure to check the schedule.

Day 1 – Sunday, January 21 – MORNING FOCUS | SERVICE AT 11:00 AM AT TRC Reflection of Fast / Commitment. Reflect on the purpose of your fast. You are not on a “hunger strike” to force God to do what you want. A “fast” is a voluntary humbling of your carnal appetites to enable you to fully worship God and seek His face. Your purpose is to draw nearer to Him and in the process to become more like Him. Make a solid commitment today to go deeper in the Lord, deeper in the Word and deeper in prayer. Arrange a special time each day to spend in communion with the Father. Devote yourself to seeking God’s presence and His vision for your life, even (and especially) during those times you feel weak. Resolve and purpose in your heart to be committed to the entire 7 days of prayer and fasting. God will honor you and bless your time with Him. Deut 8:3, Rom 12:1, Joel 2:15-16, Ps 27:8, Jas 1:25, Titus 2:12, Luke 11:2

Day 1 – Sunday, January 21 – EVENING FOCUS | START FAST AT 5:00 PM Consecration

We are God’s chosen and set apart ones. There’s a cost to walking the narrow road, it cannot be done while holding hands with the world. The choice is yours to be made every day. The Kingdom of God has its own set of priorities, values, standards and way of thinking, separate from the world. As we grow in maturity, we naturally have a love for holiness and a hate for sin. Living a life of “no compromise” becomes our desire and preference. What does compromise look like to you, and have you allowed it to seep into your life? Take inventory of your schedule, your activities, your motives, and the condition of your heart. Consecrate yourself afresh to God and ask Him to purify and renew your heart. Ps 51:10, Joshua 3:5, Romans 12:1-2, Romans 6:16

Day 2 – Monday, January 22 – MORNING FOCUS Renew your Mind

It’s through receiving the Truth from the Living God that healing and transformation comes personally into your life. Open yourself to receive a fresh revelation of what He is saying to you today. Align your heart and your mind with His heart for you and His vision for your life, choose to agree with Him. Break any negative habits or patterns of thinking by holding every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Be intentional today so that your thoughts, words, actions and desires reflect His truth for your life. Write down any revelations He brings, meditate on His Truth and declare it with your words. Eph 4:23-27, Ps 119:11, Eze 36:26, Col 3:10

Day 2 – Monday, January 22 – EVENING FOCUS Identity

Jesus received what we deserved (punishment for our sins), and He gave us His righteousness in exchange! He gave us a brand new identity! We’ve been adopted as His sons and daughters and heirs to the Kingdom. God sees you as a precious treasure, and He longs for you to walk in the full identity which you were created for. Most of us have knowledge of our identity in Christ, but have you had a full revelation in your heart to this reality? And does your life reflect this in every area? Ask God to show you if there is anything that is not in full agreement with His gift offering. Discuss the disconnect with your Father today, and make a decision by faith to move forward. When you begin to see yourself more accurately your life will flourish and nothing will be impossible. Everything about you will be transformed as you begin to closely mirror Jesus’ image. Romans 13:14, Isa 59:17, Eph 6:11, 2 Cor 5:21, Eph 2:14-16

Day 3 – Tuesday, January 23 – MORNING FOCUS | PRAYER MEETING AT TRC, 10:00 AM Divine Guidance / Relationships with God and Man

Seek the Lord today for His vision and for His direction in your life and in the local church. Have a willing heart to submit your agendas and dreams in exchange for God’s Divine purpose. Write the vision in your hearts and be deliberate about moving toward it. God desires that we would pursue a heartfelt relationship with Him, a life of fellowship and continual communion, where we share our life, express our thanks, our love, our worship, our concerns and dreams. In response, we receive from Him answers, assurance, guidance, peace, strength, power, revelation of who He is and what He wants to do in and through us. Today, lay yourself before God as a living sacrifice. Be still. God will come, but you must wait for Him. Jas 1:5, Isa 58:11, Prov 11:14, 1 Cor 2:12, Jer 29:11, Jas 4:8, Isa 65:24, Ps 63:1-11


Creative miracles, signs and wonders. Pray that our spiritual senses would be heightened to hear clearly what the Father is saying and doing. We need to be in direct communication with God in the same way that Jesus was when He said, “the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner.” Spend time with your Father today and ask Him to show you what He sees concerning the people around you and begin to pray in partnership with His desire. With increased faith, step out of what has been “normal” and believe God for the impossible as you pray for people. Thank Him for the powerful things He will do through you this year in the way of creative miracles, signs and wonders. Jn 5:19, 2 Cor 12:12, Jn 14:12

Day 4 – Wednesday, January 24 – MORNING FOCUS Families / Youth
Pray that our youth would be lit on fire by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for parents to have divine wisdom as they guide them in truth and lead them into a deeper relationship with God. Decree over our children and youth that they will develop Godly friendships with character and integrity to stand in contrast to the world’s view. That they would walk in purity, have renewed passion for Jesus and purpose in their hearts. Pray a focused prayer of protection upon all the families in the church. Thank Him that marriages are aligning into Godly order. Declare His abundant grace, love, respect, honor and unity between husbands and wives, and family members. Ps 127:3, Prov 22:6, Eph 6:4, Prov 23:24, 1 Tim 4:12, 1 Cor 13:4-7, Eph 5:22-33, Col 3:14, 1 Cor 16:1
Day 4 – Wednesday, January 24 – EVENING FOCUS Pastors, Elders, Leaders, Ministries
Pray for wisdom and direction as our Pastors lead the church, and for protection and blessings on their lives, marriages and families. Ask for continued refreshing, spiritual vision and fresh anointing for this season for our pastors, elders and ministers. Agree with God for new levels of growth and outpouring of the Holy Spirit and fresh fire on each ministry as the Lord leads us into a new year. Jas 1:22, 1 Cor 3:11, Col 3:12-14, 1 Cor 11:2-3, Luke 22:26

Day 5 – Thursday, January 25 – MORNING FOCUS Blessings and Favor on our City, Region, Nation, and Israel

Pray and repent for America. Ask God to lead the people of our city and nation to His truth by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray that the leaders of our city and nation would turn their hearts to God, and walk in integrity and alignment with God’s values. Ask for an outpouring of revival to sweep across the land. Pray that the nation of Israel would become a blessing and light for all the surrounding countries, and that God would send revival and pour out the Spirit of Grace and Supplication. Ps 138:4-5, Isa 49:6, Mrk 1:17, Ps 128:1-2, Ps 36:10, Isa 61:4

Day 5 – Thursday, January 25 – EVENING FOCUS Revival

Pray that God will powerfully bring revival and refreshing to our hearts, that people will be awakened to the reality of His truth and love. Ask God for wisdom and open doors to speak the Word. Pray for a fresh anointing for His revivalists to be consumed with the love of Jesus, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit and fire. Thank Him for hearts that will be turned back to him this year and ask Him what you can do today to share His love and truth with someone. Rom 1:16, Mrk 16:15-18, Acts 1:8, Ps 85:6-9, Jas 4:8

Day 6 – Friday, January 26 – MORNING FOCUS Finances, Jobs, Businesses

Commit all that you are and all that you have to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. Partner with Him to become a faithful steward of all the finances and resources that He has given to you. Pray that He would bless you and your family abundantly so that you can bless others. Pray for His blessings and favor on our church finances and for an increased portion this year so that His Kingdom will be advanced through us. Pray for all of your brothers and sisters who need employment, that doors would be opened and that they would have favor with employers. Pray that God would provide their financial needs in abundance and that each child of God would be a witness and testimony at their place of work. Eph 3:20, Ps 37:11, Jn 10:10, Phil 4:19, Jas 5:11, Eph 3:20, Rom 15:13, Jas 1:17, Deut 28:1-14

Day 6 – Friday, January 26 – EVENING FOCUS | FRIDAY NIGHT GATHERING AT 7:30 PM Next Level of Church Growth

Increase your faith to boldly step forward into every area you are being called to as an individual and as part of the body. Receive the wisdom, revelation knowledge and power that comes from above. Purpose yourself to have a sincere regard and love for one another in honor and unity. Stand together and reach to the next level of growth as a church. Be intentional and faithful with each thing God places before you, and remember that you play an important role in the body as a whole. Pray for a new anointing to be released on your life and every area of ministry in the church. Seek the Lord today and ask Him what growth will look like for you in this season, and what actions are required of you. Heb 6:1-12, Phil 2:2, Phil 1:27, Eph 4:1-6, 1 Cor 12:12-26.

Day 7 – Saturday, January 27 – MORNING FOCUS – END FAST AT 5:00 PM FOCUS: Preaching the Gospel to the World

Pray for ministers of God to have a renewed enthusiasm for what He is doing this year; locally and around the world. Pray for open doors to speak the Word and the mysteries of Christ. That God would continue to equip and send more laborers for the harvest who are Spirit filled and Spirit led to do His work. Pray for a fresh anointing for His revivalists to be consumed with the love of Jesus. Thank Him for the hearts that will be turned back to him this year. Ask God what you can do today to share His love and truth with someone. Col 4:3, 2 Cor 5:18, Col 1:13, Gal 6:9, Mark 16:20, Isaiah 61:1-4

Day 7 Saturday, January 27 – EVENING FOCUS | ALL NIGHT PRAYER EVENT AT TRC 7:00 PM FOCUS: Celebrate

Celebrate and thank God today for what He has done through our 7 days of fasting, for the breakthroughs you’ve experienced and for those you anticipate for 2018. Take time today to meditate on God’s faithfulness, goodness and loving-kindness. Resolve not to just have a “season” of prayer and fasting, but to develop a life of prayer and fasting. Let this fast set the tone for the entire year ahead, and begin a lifestyle of fasting and a continual state of prayer and communion with God. Ps 136, Eph 5:20, Ps 117, Ps 103:1, Phil 4:4-7

Plan to join us for Kingdom Watchmen: All Night Prayer & Worship Celebration Saturday 7:00 pm – Sunday 1:00 pm

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