Israel Bible Tour: As many of you have heard we are doing a Bible tour to the Holy Land this Fall! November 11-20, 2018. If you are interested in participating, please grab an application form and submit it with the deposit ASAP. A $300 non-refundable deposit is due by May 6th. We sent an email to all those who signed up with details, application and flyer. If you would like to receive the email, please place your name on the sign-up list. The 10-day tour is $2,500.00 (does not include airline ticket) and it covers all hotel, transportation, entrances, breakfasts, dinners and tips. This tour will be custom made, and unlike most tours. It will have an emphasis on teaching and worship in Biblical sites and will open your eyes to the mysteries of God’s Word!

Ethic Coffee Shop: We are excited to announce that our coffee shop will be opening to the general public very soon. We are needing some help starting this next week with a facelift and small remodeling of our lobby area. We will be painting, cleaning and organizing as we prepare for a grand opening in the coming weeks. If you are available and have skills in these areas please consider signing up in the lobby to help us this week get this very exciting project started!

Tuesday Prayer Meeting: “God answers prayer.” Indeed, He does! Don’t forget to join us every Tuesday morning at 10AM for a powerful time of intercession here at the church. We are looking for prayer warriors to join us on the front lines of the battle. So, if that is you, don’t ignore the call!

Friday Night Gathering: Our Gathering meets this Friday at 7:30pm in the War Room.  Read the Scriptures and join us for a powerful time of fellowship and study.

Acharei Mot: After the death — אחרי מות

TORAH: Lev. 16:1-18:30 | PROPHETS: Eze. 22:1-19 | GOSPEL: Matt. 15:10-20; Mk. 12:28-34

Online Broadcast:  All the services are broadcasted live through our website (theriverchurchnw.com/live), and available through facebook.com/theriverchurchnw and through our Roku channel. All sermons are available for replay anytime through theriverchurchnw.com/on-demand or through Podcast. Checkout these tools, share them with others and never miss a thing!

Text Giving: It’s a convenient, quick and easy way to give! Text any amount to 360-205-1558 and you will receive instructions to sign up. Once you’ve set up, you can give easily by sending an amount at any time. Want to give to missions? Sent any amount followed by the word Missions and it will be redirected towards that fund. If at any time you need to change your card information, send the word Reset and instructions will be given to change your information.

This Week’s Meetings: 

Tuesday            Weekly Prayer Meeting: 10:00 AM

Friday                Friday Night Gathering, 7:30 PM

Saturday           Main Event Service, 7:00 PM

Sunday              Main Event Service, 11:00 AM


Remember, you can always give online by going to our website or by texting 360.205.1558 (to change card info, text RESET)

www.TheRiverChurchNW.com – 2008 SE 8th Avenue, Camas, WA 98607 – 360.694.7777

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