The island of Puerto Rico was hit by hurricane “Maria” on September 20th 2017. What’s happening in Puerto Rico has been disastrous! We have been talking to people in the island who have said that the level of destruction has been unprecedented.
As with any disaster the first hours and days are crucial for the people affected. Almost 3 1/2 million people without electricity or water, food is becoming scarce. And that’s without taking to account all the ten of thousands that lost homes and everything they had.

Right now our church is partnering with several ministries in Puerto Rico and we are getting ready to send donations. We will be sending all monies received to reputable and trusted ministries that we’ve worked with for many years, who will help distribute to the most needy.
This designated fund will go 100% to the people of Puerto Rico. Join in by clicking on the donate button or by texting any amount with the word “OTHER” to ‭(360) 205-1558‬.
Please lets lift Puerto Rico in our prayers! Let’s believe together for Puerto Rico to come out of this with the least amount of casualties as possible.
#StandingWithPuertoRico #PrayingforPR